What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

What is Cosmetic Dentistry? People can have aesthetics to solve some of their problems and look more self-confident, as well as to correct the damage caused by health problems. Aesthetic operations such as nose and lips are not the only aesthetic operations that can be performed. Cosmetic dentistry is also a very popular type of aesthetics. You can have aesthetics to correct the posture of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in recent years, as teeth are highly visible body parts. So, what is cosmetic dentistry and what are the treatments in cosmetic dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of your teeth. It is not focused on dental health as in classical dentistry. Along with the developing technology, the aesthetic dentistry sector has also developed, and therefore it has become very popular in recent years. People undergo plastic surgery to be more self-confident or to fix their smiles. These operations can be minor changes as well as major surgical operations. Many different treatment methods can be applied according to the wishes and needs of the patient.

What are the treatments in cosmetic dentistry?

Depending on the needs of the patients, small operations can be performed as well as large ones. Many different treatment methods are applied in cosmetic dentistry. When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is teeth whitening! Many people complain that their teeth turn yellow, and this can cause insecurity. People may not be able to smile comfortably. This situation can have many different reasons, from nutritional habits to the structure of the teeth. With teeth whitening, the stains on the teeth of the patients are cleaned and their colors are brightened. In this way, patients have white teeth.

Smile design is a multidisciplinary cosmetic dentistry procedure. It includes many different procedures, including teeth whitening. Dentists solve initial orthodontic problems. Then, implants are placed instead of missing teeth and aesthetic procedures are performed. Laminated or porcelain teeth are a very common procedure. Here, a special porcelain protector is attached to the teeth to hide their imperfections of the teeth. In the treatment of broken or cracked teeth, the bonding process is applied. In some teeth, it is aimed to improve the appearance of the teeth by replacing the tooth enamel.

Aesthetic dentistry operations are shaped according to the needs and wishes of the person. It can be a process that takes a few months depending on the process you will have. Here, the operation phases and aftermath are planned through the models extracted from your teeth and special programs on the computer. For a better appearance, you can also benefit from other medical aesthetic operations such as lip augmentation when necessary.

Who can have dental aesthetic operations?

The person who wants to undergo aesthetic dentistry operations must be over the age of 18. In this way, it is aimed to complete the development of the jaw. Apart from that, everyone’s jaw structure, tooth structure, wishes, and needs are different. X-rays are taken for all these and your doctor will inform you. If you have other diseases or use medications, you may be asked to stop using them before the operations.

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