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Same Day implant

Same Day Implant

What are Dental implants?

Implant procedures are one of most the important developments that tooks place in dentistry. Because, in terms of both aesthetic appearance and chewing function, it is compatible with mouth structure like natural teeth. Aesthetic implant teeth that will remain in harmony with the face, which is the expression of our body and soul, in harmony with the face, is beyond simply being a dental treatment with the technological innovations and advances today; they exhibit a harmonic and aesthetic stance in the mouth.

Prosthetics of  Implant

implant and a lifetime guaranteed day Implant is executed in Same Day with the latest technology we use at DentNis. Cosmetic dental implant treatment is now possible in one day implant. Dental implant treatment applied in a day has become more functional and aesthetic with technological advances.

Digital developments made  implants’ durability increased; At the same time, prolonged treatment times are now reduced to 1 day. In other words, it is possible to place implants and to put prosthetics on the a day. Besides, with these digital developments and configurations, we can do all the necessary stages of implant treatment in Same Day.

How to do Implant Surgery?

Bir Günde İmplant, Aynı Günde Hızlı İmplant Tedavisi

Same Day or One Day Implant: With digital cosmetic dentistry methods that progressed in the light of digital developments, it is now possible to place implants in Same Day and to put prosthetics on the implant in the same day.

Advantages of implant

One Day Implant: With the technical opportunities and methods used in digital dentistry, technological developments and imaging devices are used at all stages of treatment.

The current state of the patient’s mouth, teeth, and bones evaluated with 3-D imaging techniques; Soft and hard tissues around the teeth are scanned with digital imaging instruments and transferred to the computer in three dimensions.

How to Prepare a Same Day Implant?

Same Day or One Day Implant: Implants are prepared according to the impressions taken; a smile design is made on the computer and the teeth color, shape is determined as well; In case of approval of the patient, teeth are prepared in the laboratory with high precision procedures; then the teeth placed on the implant. As it could be seen, cosmetic dental implant treatment is a procedure that requires separated preparation for each stage and we can perform all these procedures in Same Day.

Implant On The Same Day

Same Day or One Day Implant: The infrastructure of digital dentistry consists of three-dimensional impressions and technological devices. In this way, possible impressions or measurements errors are prevented; Materials are prepared according to the mouth impression; with tooth form designed in the digital environment, the patient can get an idea of the image that will occur after the treatment.

In this regard, digital dentistry provides our patients the opportunity to project the possible appearance of their teeth, just like trying a suit. For this reason, digital dentistry not only builds the technical structure of the implant operation in Same Day; Besides, it gives our patients a nice smile in a day.

SameDay Implant Operations

Same Day or One Day Implant: If you apply to our clinic, first of all, we analyze your mouth and teeth status with digital instruments; In cases such as single tooth deficiency, it is possible to put your implant tooth on the same day you come to the clinic. However, if more than one implant will be applied and other treatments are necessary, it maybe took a few weeks.

As a result of these analyzes, we decide what treatment will be applied and how many stages it will consist of. 3-5 days after this initial phase, implants and teeth are probably placed in your mouth, but the point that should not be skipped is the severity of the problems.

If more than one implant will be applied and other pre-treatments are required before implant application, this process can take up to several weeks. In general, we can say that we apply implant treatment to almost all of our patients (including diabetics, cancer patients).Same Day

Implant and New Tooth in a Day

One Day Implant: Clinically, we recommend to necessary cases to tooth extraction and implant placement in a day, even these practices are our primary recommendation in tooth loss. But you will appreciate that there may be some infection-related conditions that require extraction; and also antibiotic therapy may be required.

Therefore, the treatment of such ailments should be applied before the implant placement. Also, if there is bone and tissue loss or bones are not suitable for implant treatment, a suitable preparation for implant treatment should be prepared with treatments as bone and tissue reformation.

Bir Günde İmplant, Aynı Günde Hızlı İmplant Tedavisi

Same Days Implants and Prices

One Day Implant: Technical infrastructure and treatment stages should be intensified as the operation becomes more complicated because the technical infrastructure required by implant treatment in Same Day is more and the required digital imaging techniques should be more refined.

The preliminary preparation process could be accelerated. This increases the cost of treatment. However, implant treatment is much more advantageous because it is a faster and more permanent solution, allowing it to be compensated for the tooth lost on the same day.

Cost of Dental implants