Single Tooth Dental Implant

Single Tooth Dental Implant

Single Tooth Dental Implant ; “Only one tooth is missing in my mouth; may dental implant treatment still apply? ”

Single Tooth Dental Implant: Implant treatment is a very healthy and accurate method, can be applied in multiple tooth loss or single tooth deficiency. In classical treatments, the bridging method was commonly preferred in the presence of one or more tooth loss.

However, it has been determined that, over time, these bridges cause other teeth and gingival problems, also they are not long-lasting. Progress in methods and technical development in dentistry has evolved much stronger and more perfect treatment techniques are possible.

Single Tooth Dental Implant method is one of these treatments, is the most preferred today thanks to its technical structure and durability. It has become an application that provides the most successful results in terms of health and cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, bridging with many defects, have now been replaced by implants.

Single Tooth Implant And Classic Bridging

Single Tooth implant

Single Implant: In cases of a single tooth deficiency in your mouth, neighboring teeth must be grinding and worn away to apply bridge treatment. For the creation of a tooth by damaging to healthy teeth is a method we would not prefer.

Besides, the damage done by bridging is not only limited to the abrasion of the teeth; Due to the destruction of tooth enamel, the formation of decays overtime on permanent teeth under the bridge tooth is an inevitable end.

Besides, bad breath could be the result of the bridging, these teeth are suitable for the accumulation of food residues. Patients could develop the gingival disease over time; If nerves are damaged, root canal treatment may be necessary.

Apart from the fixed porcelain bridge, which requires grinding the teeth, there are fixed bridge teeth that are glued to the teeth by acid etching; There is no need to cut teeth in this bridge treatment, but these teeth may fall over time.

Advantages of Single Tooth Implant

Based on the preventive medicine methods we have embraced clinically. We could say that dental implant treatment is a very tissue-friendly treatment. In terms of both the methods used in the treatment and the materials used, neither teeth nor tissues around are injured.

Because the implant treatment is applied directly to the missing tooth region in the jaw bone independent from the surrounding. No grinding or abrasion is performed in any tooth in the area where implant treatment will be applied.

In Single Tooth Dental Implant when placing prosthetic teeth on the implants to be placed for a single tooth, no intervention is made on neighboring teeth. In this respect, implant treatment is a tissue and tooth-friendly method that solves the problem in place. It also adheres to the philosophy of preventive medicine. It also provides an aesthetic appearance as it is compatible with natural teeth.