Full Mouth Dental Implant

Implant in Total Toothlessness

Implant in Total Toothlessness: Although we do not desire at all, we may have to lose all of our teeth for various reasons at some point in our lives. Treatment options in this condition, which is expressed as complete toothlessness;

1- Fixed prosthodontics prepared with implants
2- Dentures prepared with implants
3- Denture without any implants, that is, total dentures that the patient can put on and remove.

Among these, the most challenging of the patients are total denture prepared without the use of implants.

Implant in Total Toothlessness: In addition to making a good denture with advanced technology, an experienced dentist, and also patient ability to learn how to use the dentures. The determinant of this is the person’s muscular adaptability and psychology. As we get older, our adaptability decreases. For this reason, it may be necessary to need more time to ensure the muscular and psychological concordance if this is first-time users or elderly.

Implant in Total Toothlessness: Dentures are the applications made for the loss of function, phonation, the return of aesthetics to the patient, and the continuity of the health of the tissues and teeth in the mouth. These dentures are often tissue-supported, sometimes tooth-supported, and occupy large areas in the mouth. Therefore, it is normal to perceive as if there is a large mass in your mouth when the denture is first used. This sense of strangeness will take 6-8 weeks to pass.