Sutureless Implant

Sutureless Implant – Laser Implant

Sutureless Implant- Laser Implant: Perhaps, for many patients, implant treatment is seen as a frightening process due to incisions and sutures made during the operation. The incision and suturing processes applied inside the mouth make individuals avoid dental operations. However, unlike conventional implant treatments, technological advances in dentistry make it possible to perform operations without incisions and suture. In this regard, Sutureless Implant- Laser Implant treatment is good news for our patients who are feared of incision and suturing. With the Sutureless Implant- Laser Implant called “Flapless surgery”, the comfort of the patients in the healing process increases after the treatment.

Sutureless Laser Implant Treatment

Dikişsiz Implant

Sutureless Implant- Laser Implant: In the sutureless laser implant technique, there are many advantages provided by digital dentistry. Because the sutureless laser implant technique is an operation performed with completely digital dentistry. At the beginning of treatment, first of all, mouth and teeth, impressions are taken with tomography; the 3D appearance of the bone and soft tissues obtained and transferred to digital media.

Virtually the place where the implants will be located is determined within the dimensions and stents are created. Since the bone is analyzed in 3D there is no need to see it with the bare eye, implants are placed with the help of stents. The implants are placed in the patient’s mouth as planned to be placed on the computer.

Advantages of Sutureless Implant

Sutureless Implant- Laser Implant: Since the incision is not made during the treatment of the sutureless laser implant, no damage given to any tissue and a more atraumatic operation process takes place. Thus, the healing process after the treatment is overcome more comfortably and quickly.

Since the idea of suturing to any point of your body frightens many individuals, it is psychologically comforting because it is made without sutures. In the sutureless laser implant method, tissue injuries are eliminated because no cuts and sutures are made; Thus, both the risk of infection is eliminated and edema is not seen. Likewise, the patient does not feel pain during the recovery period after treatment.

Cost of Implant with Sutureless Laser

Sutureless Implant- Laser Implant: The sutureless laser implant method is a costly procedure as it is a treatment applied with special technics and equipment. However, the elements that make the implant costly with a sutureless laser also provide superiority to the sutureless implant in terms of the advantages it provides as it makes the treatment more atraumatic and the healing process more comfortable. In DentNis Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic we prefer sutureless implant application as well because of its advantages.