Invisalign plaques are two techniques that are often confused. Although transparent braces and transparent plaques are colorless, they are quite different treatments according to their technical structure and application methods. In Invisalign, wire and braces are placed on the teeth.

Plaques are made with the impressions of the mouth by and applied to the teeth in the form of plaques.

Plaques have a very easy application technique and can be easily worn and removed. They are almost completely invisible; they provide patients with an easy and aesthetic treatment process. Because it is an extremely comfortable method, it is known as “braceless orthodontic treatment” among the public. However, Plaques is not suitable for every patient.

Invisalign method may not provide efficient results in patients with severe abnormal tooth alignment. For this reason, it is a much more convenient method for patients with mild dental abnormal tooth alignment. Since the dentist will make the most appropriate decision for the patient regarding the use of Invisalign, professional help should be obtained and intervention should be taken under the recommendations of the dentist.

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