Cosmetic Bonding

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a cosmetic dentistry application to improve the appearance of teeth and improve the smile. Bonding is a cosmetic dentistry application that can be performed in a single day. With  bonding, the elements that disrupt harmony can be removed on the same day.

The Applications

 Bonding is done using laser bonding to reshape your teeth. If the teeth are healthy while performing this application, the slightest abrasion is not done and the required shape change on the tooth is removed by applying bonding materials. As an artist in the mouth of the individual, the reshaping process is spread like a sculptor. with Dr. Narin treatment starts without roughening and etching the surface of the teeth that will have aesthetic bonding treatment. Then apply a  bonding treatment to the teeth to help apply the adhesives to the tooth surface.

Who is Bonding Applied to?

The application provides an effective solution to a variety of dental problems and can significantly increase your smile design in a short time. In which cases do we apply cosmetic bonding treatment;

Small or medium crooked teeth
Teeth with deformity
Smeared teeth with impaired enamel structure
Closing of the gaps between teeth which called the diestema
Genetically or shortened teeth due to abrasion
cracks and stains on the tooth surface

If you have any of the above mentioned problems and want to have a significant improvement in your teeth and a more beautiful smile, the solution you are looking for is in the all treatments of DentNis Implantology and Aesthetic Dental Clinic.

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