What is Smile Makeover?

What is Smile Makeover? Aesthetic dentistry has become a very important concept today. Toothache is not the only problem of people with the mouth. Many people are also treated for aesthetic concerns. People may experience aesthetic-based problems due to tooth loss, tooth decay or other diseases. Smile makeover has become a well-known treatment method in aesthetic dentistry. So, what is a smile makeover and how is a smile makeover applied?

What is a smile makeover?

Smile makeover is the process of giving a natural and beautiful appearance based on the appearance of patients for teeth and mouth structure that have deteriorated due to various health problems. It is a multidisciplinary approach, that is, many processes are applied together and thus the smile makeover process is performed. Smile design application is used in the problems of deformity and discoloration of teeth and gums and tooth discoloration.

How is smile makeover applied?

In the smile design process, a personalized route is determined according to the needs of the patient. Because each patient’s desire to undergo this operation is different. Concepts such as the patient’s expectations, mouth structure, problems, facial structure, and age are also important.

The patient’s problems are determined on the models prepared with the measurements taken from the patient’s mouth, and the procedures to be performed are rehearsed. The appearance that the patient will have after the treatment is planned with computer programs and these are shown to the patient.

After all these, if there are tooth decay or other orthodontic problems, they are resolved. Decayed teeth are extracted, and implant treatment is applied for missing teeth. After the surgical applications are over, there is a recovery period. Although this period varies from person to person, it can take 3-5 months on average. Then teeth whitening is applied. Aesthetic defects on the teeth are eliminated by some methods. If necessary, porcelain or zirconium veneers can be made. In some cases, medical aesthetic applications such as lip augmentation are also used during a smile makeover.

What are the advantages of a smile makeover?

Smile makeover has both health and aesthetic benefits. Many procedures are applied in the smile design process, which is a multidisciplinary approach. In this way, problems such as tooth decay, deformity and missing teeth in the mouth are resolved. Missing teeth can cause chewing disorders as well as bad breath. You can eliminate this problem by removing missing teeth, which is a part of the smile makeover process. If necessary, your orthodontic problems are also solved, as wire treatment is applied. Apart from health advantages, it also has aesthetic advantages. Thanks to the smile makeover, you will have perfect and white teeth. You can talk and laugh comfortably. In this way, the smile design process gives you self-confidence.

What to do after a smile makeover treatment?

After the smile makeover process, you should take care of your oral care so that the process can be long-lasting. This is the same thing you would normally do. You should brush your teeth regularly, care for your implants and use mouthwash. You should make regular visits to the dentist. With all these, you will get healthy and aesthetic-looking teeth for many years.

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