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Welcome to DentNis Implantology and Aesthetic Dental Clinic

“Your smile is a reflection of your inner beauty.”
Dt. Abdulkadir Narin is the founder of DentNis Implantology and Aesthetic Dental Clinic, a highly regarded clinic in Istanbul providing comprehensive dental care from routine checkups and cleanings to Exclusive Cosmetic Dentistry.
DentNis Implantology and Aesthetic Dental Clinic values its members and makes them its priority. There are no lines to wait or time to waste. The time dedicated is entirely yours. Our entire well-known team consisted of experienced professionals are trained for caring attitude as well.
We practice the latest technology in dentistry and provide the best diagnosis and treatment that one has to offer. We believe in sharing information with the patient. This allows us to work together to formulate a plan that is best for YOU. The range of services provided by DentNis Implantology and Aesthetic Dental Clinic are listed as below:

• Hollywood Smile Design,
• Dental bonding (Improve alignment, tooth shape and color)
• Cosmetic Dental implant applications
• Same Day implant and teeth applications,
• Cosmetic implant applications,
• One Day ImplantSame day Implant (immediate same day dental implant treatment),
• Dental Prosthesis,
• Esthetic Implant Rehabilitation,
• Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Dental Crowns and Laminate Veneers
• Zirconia Crowns Treatment,
• Teeth Whitening and Bleaching,
• Gummy Smile,
• Preventive dentistry applications and aesthetic filling applications,
• Maxiofacial surgery and periodontal surgeries.

We provide EXCLUSIVE HIGH QUALITY DENTISTRY services that will enhance the appearance and function of your smile.

You can be assured of the reliability of our high-quality dentistry services to maximize the appearance of your beautiful smile. Feel free to call us today at DentNis Team to inquire more about the services we provide and to schedule your appointment!

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