Orthodontics is a field of expertise, consisting of diagnoses and treatments to treat unhealthy alignment in the tooth and jaw structure. The field of orthodontics, which means “aligned tooth” as the origin of the word, provides treatments for the distortion in the tooth arrangement or the problem of the teeth being too intermittent as well as aesthetically oriented solutions for the structural disorders of the jaw.

Orthodontics; we are applying orthodontic treatments to eliminate tooth distortions, malocclusions, or uneven teeth; With transparent braces, metal braces, and porcelain braces techniques, we offer alternative solutions to orthodontic problems. Thanks to these techniques, the teeth take their right positions within the jaw; In this way, aesthetic tooth alignment is achieved and functional problems in the jaw structure are eliminated.

What are the Causes of Orthodontic Problems?

Orthodontics problems negatively affect the general oral aesthetics of individuals and cause chewing malfunctions. Individuals find themselves insufficient regarding their aesthetic expectations as well as the loss of quality of life due to chewing disorders they have. Many factors trigger orthodontic problems, but the most common factor is the premature loss of deciduous teeth. Besides, genetic factors also cause orthodontic problems.

The premature loss of deciduous teeth without having the permanent teeth causes the other teeth in the mouth to become distorted or uneven. As a result of this abnormal alignment, permanent teeth cannot maintain a healthy alignment within the mouth and further exacerbate abnormal alignment. Likewise, tooth loss of permanent teeth causes other teeth to slide towards the gap formed. This tooth loss is the main cause of orthodontic problems.