Digital Dentistry

What is Digital Dentistry?

We use the advantage of technological innovations in many areas of our daily lives and thus we can easily handle many troublesome tasks. Many of the conveniences provided by the digital innovations, in particular, technology have enabled the development of new methods in the field of health and achieving better results. In light of these innovations and technological advances, many advantages are also obtained in the field of cosmetic dentistry, and digital dentistry applications are successfully replacing many old methods.

Digital possibilities in cosmetic dentistry, smile design, gingival aesthetic, and white dentistry applications due to much more successful and sophisticated techniques have become our first choice in the clinical sense. Treatment methods consisting of multi-staged and longer processes in old school applications have been replaced by treatment methods that resulted in SameDay thanks to digital developments. Thus, replacing old techniques in smile designs treatments resulted in much better results in digital dentistry applications in white dentistry and gingival aesthetic treatments, zirconium veneer crowns, lumineer veneer crowns, or leaf porcelain crowns, dental implant treatments.

Digital Dentistry Treatmens

In old impression methods, impressions were made by molding the teeth with the silicone materials placed and pressured over the teeth in the mouth. Teeth were formed according to these impressions. However, these applications did not provide a practical treatment process, and also took a long time. As a result, prolonged oral working hours and prolonged laboratory working time were extending the treatment procedure. Digital techniques provide more perfect smile designs than older techniques in terms of white dentistry and gingival aesthetic applications. Our methods and technical equipment used in digital dentistry treatments eliminate these problems. In our CEREC CAD/CAM system based treatment methods, the topographic impressions of our patients’ teeth are taken and the impressions are transferred to the computer. The teeth are analyzed in 3D are designed with nice smile and target-specific treatment procedures are determined. In this regard, teeth are generated as shapes and impressions according to these shapes determined; By placing them in the mouth perfectly, a beautiful smile is provided with a healthy and aesthetic teeth alignment. Thanks to digital dentistry, determining the size and the shape of the teeth ensures a practical treatment process and eliminates the errors that may occur. Thanks to digital dentistry methods, treatments such as zirconium veneer crowns, porcelain lumineer veneer or leaf porcelain crowns, dental implant, bonding application fillings for dental health and smile designs, techniques applied in the scope of white dentistry and gingival aesthetic. And treatment plan is done in a much more qualified way with the methods of digital dentistry. Especially in the smile design stages, it provides many advantages in terms of obtaining prediction for the clinical view after the treatment.

Thanks to digital analysis in the application of zirconium veneer crowns, bonding filling, artenemal technique, porcelain lumineer veneers dental treatments, which are among the cosmetic dentistry applications, the patient’s mouth impressions are made more practical and flawless, and the results that will be provided with a beautiful smile design that becomes more evident after determining the tooth size and color physician and patient can agree on visual evaluations.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Thanks to the treatment methods applied by digital dentistry, treatments can be applied in 1 day which used to last for days or even weeks before while highly aesthetic and successful results have been achieved. With the smile design made in the digital environment, the placement of the teeth is estimated correctly and an appearance is obtained in terms of tooth alignment. The correct alignment of the teeth is not enough alone to achieve an aesthetic result in smile design; The gum should also look nice after tooth alignment. In this regard, because the teeth whose size is determined in the digital environment fits correctly in the place where they have been placed, gingival aesthetic, which is an important stage of the smile design of the gums which will also be provided.

In addition to zirconium veneer crowns and lumineer veneer crowns or leaf tooth crowns, bonding filling, artenemal technique, which is one of the smile design methods, digital dentistry treatment methods are also proved that they are useful and preferred in the field of dental implant treatments in the presence of tooth loss. Digital dentistry is successful in both aesthetic and health perspectives in this field as well.