Art Enamel Technique

What is Art Enamel Technique? Innovative Bonding Techniques

Art Enamel Bonding Technique, Art Enamel Bonding Method. The question “What are your expectations from cosmetic dentistry and smile design techniques?” is generally answered as having a bright and impressive smile and white teeth with artistic interventions that complete the harmony of the face. So, what is the main factor that provides this harmony in the smile? Of course, natural look of the designed smile and teeth; which means indistinguishable from natural teeth. It is quite possible to achieve these results with bonding filling and artenemal techniques.

Art Enemal Bonding Tekniği

What result can be obtained with the Art Enemal Technique?

Artenamel technique is compatible with the incisor teeth in terms of material and technical structure. It is a technique used in the treatment of local dental cavities, caries, and the treatment stages of design smiles. It provides successful results about cosmetic dentistry, especially by imitation of the enamel structure of the incisor teeth.

Artenemal; Is a concept created by combining the words artificial and enamelisation (natural formation phase of tooth enamel); With this technique, the enamel layer is replaced with artenemal, which can mimic the enamel. In this way, we provide integrity that is indistinguishable from the natural teeth and that is intervened, thanks to the methods we apply in our clinic in Nişantaşı, you have the harmony of your face and shine with your smile.