Platet Rich Plasma in Dentistry

Platet Rich Plasma (PRP/PRP)

Platet Rich Plasma For Dental Implants in Dentistry: Dental practice and methods develop and progress in parallel with scientific developments; constantly enriches its content with new alternatives and technological inventions. Dentistry has the role of preventive medicine, as it is essential to protect the oral and dental health of individuals. Platet Rich Plasma transplantation or PRF/PRP in dentistry or platelet-rich plasma is a method developed with this preventive philosophy and perspective. With this method, the rate of recovery in surgical procedures is increased by the use of the individuals’ healing mediators extracted from their blood.

Advantages of Platet Rich Plasma

Platet Rich Plasma For Dental Implants in Dentistry: PRF/PRP is a stem cell therapy that has the application of many medical fields. Thanks to the plasma obtained from individuals’ blood with the PRF/PRP method is almost a physiological drug, allows for easier and faster recovery of the treated area, and eliminates various risks. Because the substance injected into the region is a substance of one’s body, quite familiar and in a sense is carrying your genetic codes; it is just ones’ blood.

Platet Rich Plasma in Dentistry: Blood is withdrawn from the patient during treatment; this blood is centrifuged and stem cells extracted. The stem cell, which is enriched in thrombocyte is injected into the treated area in the mouth of our patient.

Healing Rate of Platet Rich Plasmas

Platet Rich Plasma in Dentistry: Since stem cell transplantation is a regenerative method, it is expected to provide a more successful and faster recovery when injected onto the surgical area. PRF / PRP treatment has bone and tissue healing properties. For this reason, it is the procedure we frequently use in bone augmentation and implant operations.

Platet Rich Plasma in Dentistry:: With Platet Rich Plasma therapy, in patients who had bone grafting due to bone loss, both faster healing and better quality bone formation are observed. Since the healing of the tissues will be faster after the treatment, the quality of life of our patients also increases in this process. Thanks to the stem cell obtained from the patient’s blood, the immune system will also strengthen, and the healing process will accelerate at the same rate.