Smile Design

What is Smile Design?

Smile Design “Laugh or smile” is a physiological action and the most important communication tool that reveals clues related to the emotional status of each of us most clearly and it should be in harmony with the characteristic structure of individuals’ faces. For this reason, with “Smile Design”, all surgical procedures for teeth and gums, all interventions made for cosmetic reasons and al these treatments aimed at obtaining the most beautiful and the most aesthetic smile. With the “White dentistry”, the aesthetic appearance of the teeth is targeted with the applications on the teeth, while the “Gingival aesthetic” is aimed to give the gums an aesthetic appearance.

By evaluating the characteristic structure of the face; An individualized cosmetic smile is designed by aiming to harmony with looks, skin color, and lip structure. In our clinic, a beatiful smile is aimed for each patient through our treatment methods and technical infrastructure for smile design.

The treatment process is started to achieve smile design. Although this process contains series of treatments and operations, essentially it is an artistic process. With the beautiful and cosmetic smile, we created is an addition of beauty and an aesthetic touch to individuals’ life. To this end, we care the aesthetic smile as much as our patients care about their smiles.

Smile design not only provides a healthy and nice smile to individuals; it also reflects someone’s level of happiness, joy, pleasure with a clear expression to the outside world in the most aesthetic way. In a sense of aesthetic if an individual has dental or/and oral problems, causes one’s to feel inadequate in terms of self-confidence and to have barriers in the social environment.

As a result of these inadequacy, these individuals may hide their laughter and suppress all sincerity over time. In this regard, smile design and gingival aesthetic are not only local aesthetic operations; it is also the aesthetic interventions to reach the emotional state of individuals.

What is Smile Design? What is the Smile Design Treatment Stages?

What are the Smile Design Practices? Why Smile Design is Important? Zirconium Veneers Crowns, porcelain veneer lumineers crowns and laminated leaf teeth, bonding filling, artenemal technique, and implant treatments carried out under the cosmetic dentistry are not only contributions for healthy teeth and mouths. The lost self-confidence is also given back with the aesthetic smile.

What are the Treatment Methods of Smile Design?

Smile Design; A healthy tooth and gum structure is the infrastructure of an aesthetic smile. The appearance of the teeth and gums of individuals also reveals a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Unhealthy mouth is insufficient to present a beautiful looks. At this point, white dentistry and gingival aesthetic treatment methods get involved. White dentistry is the generic name for all smile aesthetics and smiles design treatment methods. Sometimes, when there is no risk of caries, fractures, or loss of teeth, individuals may want to feel better and have an aesthetic smile. Thanks to the advantage of dental treatment methods such as gingival aesthetic and white dentistry treatment methods this intention is ensured by dental and gum treatments. In this regard, we apply several surgical and non-surgical treatment methods so that our patients can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

The main white dentistry treatment methods that we apply for both oral health and aesthetic appearance in our clinic; What is Smile Design, What are the Smile Design Treatment Stages, What is Smile Design Applications, Why Smile Design is important? Zirconium Veneers Crowns, bonding filling, implant treatments, porcelain veneer lumineers crowns, and laminated leaf teeth are methods such as artenemal technique. Dental calculus and tartar, which directly concerns dental and gum health and may cause serious problems in terms of both gingival aesthetic and white dentistry, which could be avoided through several interventions; Successful results are obtained by teeth whitening on appearance. All these operations, removes the obstacles to our patients smile and ensured the smile they wished for while and helps restoring the self-confidence they lost.

Smile is the most beautiful action of mankind, and none should interfere with a sincere smile. In our clinic at Nişantaşı, we eliminate the negativities that may hinder our patients’ smiles by designing unique smiles to them. Thanks to the white dentistry and gingival aesthetic techniques they leave with an aesthetic and healthy smile.

What are Smile Design Applications?

We also show our percision to the gum aesthetic as dental health and appearance of the teeth and with various methods, we ensure smile design for our patients with gingival aesthetic. Because gums are vital areas that protect the roots of the teeth and feed them. Many dental aesthetics and smile design problems arise from the gums; These problems make gingival aesthetic treatments necessary because of the cosmetic losses due to the gums. Gums with lost retention due to abrasion or other reasons has difficulty in holding the teeth within; As a result, the teeth will be loose or lost. Also there might be an unwanted appearance of gums in terms of dental cosmetic and smile design. Besides, since the recessions of the gums will disrupt the line at the junction point of the gum and teeth, it also shades the appearance and smile design of the teeth.
All these negative states of gum cause the loss of aesthetic appearance. This is where the concept of “Gingival aesthetic” gets involved. If we consider the gums as a fundamental structure in which the teeth are alive, we will choose the simplest and correct expression in emphasizing the importance of gingival aesthetic. Therefore, it will be an appropriate approach for patients to maintain this fundamental structure in the best way and professional clinical interventions within certain periods would be helpful.

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Why is Smile Design Important?

With delayed treatment, gum problems lead to recession of the gum over time. As a result, the entity of teeth is also compromised. Problems such as impaired tooth alignment, gum recession, or calculus formation cause the gums to have an unaesthetic appearance. The gingival aesthetic, which will be applied after the salvation of such problems that destroy the gums and cause losses in the gums, will also provide an improvement in appearance.
Healthy and aesthetic looking teeth surrounded by healthy gums.

The mouth and its aesthetic appearance become the key point on the face in expressing the correct meaning in terms of speech and voice formation, in the mimics that individuals exhibit and affects their communication. An unhealthy condition of an organ, which is an important place in human life also causes huge problems.

A problem that can cause individuals to make changes even in their eating habits which could drag individuals into important restrictions. The recession of the gum, unhealthy gum color appearance makes everybody concerned; It threatens individuals aesthetically as well as it has negative health consequences.

No matter how well teeth look like, any alignment disorder in the gums may point out that something actually is not good as it seems, and this also makes the appearance unaesthetic. Also, the excessive visibility of the gums while smiling, the asymmetrical appearance of the gums is the problem. And must be treated with gingival aesthetic.

In such cases, we design all the white dentistry and gingival aesthetic applications to our patients regarding the smile design with the unique smile of our patients. Also we prioritize their comfort in all our operations, in our clinic in Nişantaşı.