Dental Implant Bridges

What is the Bridge Between Two Implants?


The bridge between two implants is a bridge between placed on two implants; when there is multi-tooth deficiency side by side; Instead of placing implants for each tooth, we prefer a bridge between two implants. The bridge between two implants; If we consider the implants as bridge legs fixed to the bone; The teeth to be lined up side by side will also form the body of the bridge.

Thanks to the bridge between the two implants, it is possible to achieve more aesthetical and functional results without having to place an implant for each tooth. It is more useful in some cases especially to provide oral hygiene in the posterior area.

Two Implant Bridge Operations

Dentistry treatment methods are based on protecting the teeth and keeping them in the mouth. Since dentistry practices have the feature of preventive medicine, the primary goal is not to cause any tissue or bone damage.

Although methods such as abrasing and grinding teeth can be used for the treatment options for some instances, the general approach is not to prefer these options. This aim is reached with bridge treatment between two implants.

Because this process does not require reduction or abrasion in the structure of neighboring teeth as in conventional bridge treatments. Since the bridge teeth will be placed directly on the implants, they are rehabilitated in terms of cosmetics and function in the region with minimal intervention to the surrounding tissues.

Advantages of Two Implant Bridge

First of all, if we consider some problems that may occur with tooth deficiency; sliding of the teeth will be prevented. Also, the loss of gingival and bone tissue will be prevented. In the classical bridge application, grinding and abrasion processes applied to the teeth that act as major cause decays in the teeth under the bridge over time. Thanks to the bridge treatment between two implants, these problems are ended and the teeth are replaced without touching the surrounding teeth.