Fast Braces Treatment

Fast Braces Treatment: What is Fastbraces?
Our patients, who will have rapid braces treatment due to cosmetic reasons, wonder how long this treatment will last and when it will recover. At this point, the general patient expectation is that braces provide positive results as quickly as possible.

In old-style dental braces, both aesthetically pleasing images were seen and the treatment processes could be prolonged. However, nowadays, braces treatments provide aesthetically more satisfying results and can be terminated in a shorter time. This rapid braces method is called “Fastbraces”. Thanks to the fastbraces method, the treatment time of dental alignment is almost halved.

What Treatment Process is Provided with Fastbraces?
With the Fastbraces method, recovery is provided in 5-12 months. Also, improvement can be observed even in the first weeks of treatment. Fastbraces method, which is a fast orthodontic technique, is an innovative application that provides results with a much more advanced system than conventional dental braces.

In the classical dental braces treatment, a visible improvement was seen in the first year; In the second year of treatment, the roots are aligned as well. While the healing process in classical techniques takes about two years, the fastbraces technique simultaneously aligns the crowns and roots of the teeth with its mechanical structure. A serious shortening occurs in the treatment process. Metal and porcelain braces materials can be used for the Fastbraces technique.

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What are the Advantages of the Fastbraces Technique?
The treatment process is much shorter.
The patient’s mouth with fastbraces adapts much more quickly. The patient’s adaptation period process becomes easier.
Pain and aches felt in the early stages of classical dental braces treatments are significantly reduced in the fastbraces technique.
Thanks to the effective improvement in the roots of teeth, the need for reinforcement after treatment is reduced.
What Conditions Are Encountered in the First Week of Treatment?
The first week of treatment should be considered as an adaptation process; It should be known that the tough situations experienced during this period are temporary.
The lips may feel full due to contact with braces; But over time, the presence of braces is get used and their presence does not regard as strange.
Aches are possible the first few days-weeks of biting. This is due to the teeth being pulled and moved these aches are temporary.
Aft-like sores may occur on the lips or cheeks due to contact with the hook-shaped protrusions on the braces. In this case, it may be beneficial to gargle with salty water 2-3 times a day until the wounds heal.
Some braces may break in the first month. In this case, if any pain, ache or discomfort is not felt, it would be proper to go to the dentist’s control on the appointed visit. However, the dentist should be consulted when a painful stinging problem exists.
Care of Brace
After each meal, food residues must be cleaned. Otherwise, food residue left at the braces may cause bacterial growth in the mouth and causes dental decays.
Oral and dental care before sleep becomes even more important in fastbraces treatment. For this reason, braces and teeth have been brushed before going to sleep. The tip of the brush should contact on the top of the braces with a slope of 45° and brush moved from top to bottom as it was sweeping. Then; All the braces should be brushed horizontally from the right to left, and the chewing and inner surfaces of the teeth should also be brushed thoroughly.
Cleaning of interfaces of the teeth and braces should be done with appropriate brushes; toothpicks should never be used.
In this process, foods require to be biting should be avoided and should be downsized by knife or hand.
Foods with hard surfaces should be softened and then consumed.
Acidic drinks should be avoided.