Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

Within the scope of the treatment to be performed, implant prices will vary depending on the number of implants, implant brand, made on the same day or not, seamless or not. The most important factor that will affect implant treatment is the expertise of the doctor who will perform the implant treatment. So how will the patient determine the doctor’s expertise and competence in this regard? The patient will be able to make this determination by examining the case photographs previously completed by the doctor. The doctor’s ability to perform these successful cases is related to the fact that he has focused on this issue as a result of meticulous study. In this regard, the education level of doctor’s, the implant treatment experience the doctor has gained from previous patients, the seminars, meetings and courses he attends on current approaches related to the implant treatment process are very important in terms of case success and long-term continuity.

Implant Prices in TurkeyTax Included
Straumann, Megagen, Nobel, Octa implant prices650€ – 850€ /per implant
Immediate same day implant650€ – 850€ / per implant
Bone Grafting550€ – 1200€ /area
Turkish implant prices450€ – 850€

These prices are for our clinic in Istanbul Nisantasi. The average per implant price varies depending on the implant operation to be performed. If you want to learn about all cost of dental treatments in Turkey you can visit our page by clicking

How Do Implant Prices in Turkey Vary?

One of the reasons for the change in implant prices is the brands and biomaterials preferred in implant treatment. At the same time, graft (bone powder) and other biomaterials that must be used other than the implant also plays an effective role in the price difference. While the prices of implant brands such as Megagen, Straumann and Nobel are high, altough the prices of local implant brands such as Nucleoss may be lower. Whether the price is high or low does not affect the quality of the implant treatment and its compatibility with your mouth. Your doctor will choose the most suitable implant brand based on his analysis. When there is not sufficient bone support in the area, it may be necessary to provide bone grafting to this area using graft material. Therefore, the graft fee is added to the implant treatment fee.

Another important point that affects implant prices is whether the tooth will be put on the same day immediately after the implant is applied (see:immediate implant). Or will the implant be loaded after 2-3 months? While one has to wait 2-3 months after the implant is placed with conventional methods, it is possible to load the implant and the tooth on the same day with developing techniques. In fact, in many cases, we prefer to have the implant and the tooth replaced with a single anesthesia and operation on the same day the tooth is extracted. If these new techniques are applied in cases, the cost may be higher due to technical preparation. In addition, the aesthetic quality of the tooth that will be placed on the implant and the laboratory methods used in the preparation of the tooth may also create different costs. It is natural that the service and appointment system provided in the preferred clinic, the qualifications of the personnel, and other consumables used in the clinic will also be reflected in the cost of the service to be provided. In short, our general advice to our patients is to find a good doctor who is competent in his field and trustworthy in his cases and communication with the patient. Because a doctor who does his job with love will aim to achieve the best results.