All on Four Dental Implants in Turkey

All on Four implant; If you are experiencing dental bone loss due to the dentures you have been using for a long time; If your denture has lost the retention in the mouth and you say “I want to have permanent teeth in my mouth now”, it is worth mentioning an implant technique developed for you: We solve the problem of complete toothlessness with the All-on-Four implant technique and end the loss of retention problem in removable dentures.

Due to all tooth loss, loss of gum, bone, tissue, and volume seen over time. With these losses, aesthetic appearance problems will occur as well as chewing, which is the most basic life function, is experienced. Chewing function, which will directly affect nutrition, greatly reduces the patient’s quality of life.

In society, especially individuals who have multiple tooth losses and have chewing disorders due to the dentures they use, they waive many foods they love because they cannot chew the food without any problems; With these restrictions, we can observe how their lives become tasteless. This is where All on Four is applied.

All on Four is especially applied in the patient who has advanced bone resorption. It is also used in all four patients with osteoporosis. In this way, we enable our patients to have fixed teeth without the need for expensive procedures such as bone grafting. It eliminates such problems with the All on Four technique; we offer our patients that their teeth will stay in their mouths for a lifetime and perform the chewing function without any problems.

All On Four Implant

How is Done All on Four Dental Implant Operations in Turkey

This technique is a surgical procedure, as with other surgical procedures, the current state of the mouth of our patient is firstly evaluated before; Necessary impressions are taken with digital equipment. In this process, evaluating the condition of the bone in 3D is extremely important as it will shape the planning of the intervention to a large extent.

All-on-Four technique to be applied to the mandibular jaw, 4 implants are placed parallel to the nerves; If the maxillary jaw to be treated, 4 implants are placed parallel to the anatomical spaces called the sinuses. Thus, nerves and tissues are not damaged; tissue destruction and loss of sensation in the region are not caused.

In general, the All-on-Four technique is a solution offered to the patient in situations where the patient wants to avoid complicated and costly treatments.

Advantages of All on Four Technique

  • All on Four implant: In the case of complete toothlessness, dentures that do not come out of the mouth are regained.
  • The pressure that occurs due to the improvement of the functions of the tooth bone is significantly reduced.
  • The loss of bone volume that may occur due to pressure applied to the tooth bone is prevented.
  • Due to the damage in the jaw bone, the posture of opening and closing of the mouth disappears and our patients get a more aesthetic mouth appearance with fixed implant prosthetic teeth.
  • You will not have a fear of that your denture falling out of your mouth while eating. In addition to chewing, you will experience the feeling of breaking off while chewing with your teeth. You can bite an apple and eat it.
  • Thanks to the all-on-four technique, the cost decreases because the number of implants used is less; it is more economical. There are no expensive procedures for bone formation.
  • By protecting the bone structure, it prevents further losses and makes other treatments unnecessary. The dental bone is taken under protection without the need for bone graft procedures.