Cost Of Dental Implants

Cost Of Dental Implants (Implant Prices) 2020 Istanbul Turkey

Cost Of Dental Implants (Implant Prices) 2020 Istanbul Turkey

Cost Of Dental Implants (Implant Prices) 2020 Istanbul Turkey: Cost of Dental implants ranges are between 350 Euro – 850 Euro.The prices ranges are depends on Implant Brands, Difficulties of the Operation.  You can check out all patients Before/ After Photos via our official instagram page please click and follow us doktornarin


Cost Of Dental Implants Origin Of Dental ImplantsCost Of Dental Implants
(Including VAT %8)
Cost Of Treatment
(Including VAT %8)
Megagen ANYRİDGE Implant PriceSOUTH KOREA$250$400-600
Megagen OCTA Implant PriceSOUTH KOREA$300$400-600
Dentsply ASTRA Implant PriceSWITZERLAND$300$400-600
Dentsply ANKYLOS Implant PriceGERMANY€250$400-600
Dentsply XİVE Implant Price GERMANY€200$400-600
Straumann ITI Implant PriceSWITZERLAND€350$400-600
Strauman MEDENTİKA Implant PriceGERMANY€190$400-600
Strauman ZİNEDENT Implant PriceBRAZİL€195$400-600
Nobel PARALLEL Implant PriceSWITZERLAND€250$400-600
Nobel REPLACE Implant PriceSWITZERLAND€250$400-600
Nobel ACTİVE Implant PriceSWITZERLAND€270$400-600
TEKKA Implant PriceFRANCE€130$400-600
Camlog İSY Implant PriceGERMANY€225$400-600
Camlog CAMLOG Implant PriceGERMANY€225$400-600
Camlog PROGRESSİVA Implant PriceGERMANY€ 245$400-600
DİRECT Implant PriceUSA $150$400-600
ZİMMER Implant PriceUSA $270$400-600
Mis Implant PriceUSA $300$400-600
BEGO Implant PriceUSA €185$400-600
NEOSS Implant PriceSWITZERLAND€185$400-600
DENTAURUM Implant PriceGERMANY€190$400-600
BİCON Implant PriceUSA $324$400-600
THOMMEN Implant PriceSWITZERLAND€250$400-600
OSSTEM Implant PriceSOUTH KOREA650 TL$400-600
ISB Implant PriceSOUTH KOREA$125$400-600
BİOHORİZONS Implant PriceUSA $260$400-600
Biotect KONTACT Implant PriceFRANCE€195$400-600
Biotech WEEGO Implant PriceFRANCE€140$400-600
ANTHOGYR Implant PriceFRANCE€ 180$400-600
Gc İNOVATİF Implant PriceGERMANY€ 195$400-600
NUCLEOSS Implant PriceTURKEY450 TL$400-600
DTI İImplant PriceTURKEY410 TL$400-600
İMPLANCE Implant PriceTURKEY450 TL$400-600
 The most important factor that will affect the implant treatment is the dentist’s expertise in this field. So how will the patient determine the dentist’s expertise and competence in this regard? The patient can make this determination during the examination by evaluating the case photos that the dentist previously completed. The dentist’s ability to make these successful cases is related to the fact that he/she has addressed this issue as a result of a rigorous study. In this regard, the training received by the dentist is important for the long-term continuity of the seminars, meetings, and courses attended by the dentist about the implant application and experience gained from previous patients, current approaches about the implant treatment process..

What is the Best Implant Brand?

One of the reasons for the change in implant prices is the brands and biomaterials preferred in implant applications. At the same time, grafts and other biomaterials that need to be used other than the implant also play an effective role in a price difference. When there is not enough bone support in the area of implants for a toothless cavity, bone grafts may be required. Therefore, the graft fee is added to the implant treatment fee.

Why Implant Prices are not Fixed?

Implant Prices 2020: Implant prices; Another important point that affects is the tooth will be placed on the same day immediately after the implant is applied (visit SameDay implant section) or 2-3 months later, the implant will be placed. While having to wait 2-3 months after the implant is made with conventional methods, it is possible to place the implant and tooth on the same day with the developing techniques.

In many cases, we prefer the implant and the tooth be placed with a single anesthetic and operation on the day the tooth is removed. If these new techniques are applied in cases, there may be more costs due to technical preparation.

Besides, the aesthetic quality of the tooth that will be placed on the implant and the laboratory methods used in the preparation of the tooth can create different costs. It is a natural situation that the service and appointment system provided in the preferred clinic, the quality of the personnel, and the reflection of other consumables used in the clinic on the service to be provided as a cost.

Our general advice about implant prices to patients is to find a good dentist who is competent in his field, successful cases he has done, and who gives confidence with his communication. Because a dentist who performs his profession with love will reveal to achieve the best result as a goal.Operation costs are given as an approximate range in the table as they can vary depending on the degree of severity of the case. Since there are frequently questions about implant prices, we found it appropriate to share this data with you. You can contact us for detailed information.

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