What is Bonding Procedure?

Dental bonding is a procedure in which a composite-resin material is applied to the surfaces of the teeth.Bonding is often performed in order to fill in gaps to close spaces between teeth, cover the entire outside surface of a tooth to change its shape and color.

Dental bonding is an alternative solution  for avoiding the coating, with bonding treatment we obtain clinically very successful and aesthetic results.

Bonding Process

Tooth bonding can usually be accomplished in a single visit Because it does not involve restorative procedures like crowns or veneers.

To begin the process, an etching solution will be applied to the tooth that will be receiving the bonding material,once this is done the dentist starts preparing the tooth for bounding by roughnening the outer layer of your tooth, removing a minimal amount of tooth enamel, and apply a strong adhesive that will help the resin stick.

Once the tooth fits in perfectly with your bite, it will receive a final polishing.


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